Sunday, April 24, 2005

Clarity Begins At Home

It's odd how things can very suddenly become very clear after what can seem like an eternity of fuggyness.

Questions are great, as I enjoy talking and talking about myself even more. So everything was as normal when an innocent, run of the mill 'How's everything going?' was posed to me on Friday morning. By the end of what became an extended answer, I'd reached a point of clarity which has recently alluded me.

Now, it's not like suddenly discovering Jesus, or winning the Lottery or getting hit by a bus but more like the focus being snapped sharp on a shot that's been ever so slightly soft for a while.

And I slept last night - not for too long, but without Alice.


Anonymous Roy 'Chubby' Brown said...

Alice? Alice? Who the fuck is Alice?

25/4/05 18:51  

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