Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Mother Of All Democracies

We've all had those arguments with friends or other halves about a nonsensical point of principle. Something to do with toilet seats, who paid for the shopping last, whether you should watch property programmes, blah blah. Usually they're hiding the fact that you're pissed off at work or you feel that you're owed a winning argument due to a slight long ago. Or just for the hell of it.

Watching this happen between two people is boring at best but can also make you despair at the mundane depths that we can reach so easily.

Well, welcome to this fucking election. Not one, not one interesting argument has so far been had between the Three Stooges at all. And it's unlikely to.

Do we go bombing the buggery out of other countries for this?

You now have the freedom to have three men and their band of idiots argue the same points in different ways for 4 weeks every four years. And nothing fundamentally will change. At all.

Then the usual bullshit last week that the campaign in Bethnal Green and Bow between George Galloway and Oona King had got very nasty and 'wasn't what elections should be about'.

Er, yes they should. I want people to fucking believe what they're saying when they go out to get our vote. I want elections to be about differing ideologies and principles. I want to discuss more than tax and immigration. No one should be hurt or threatened - you should win by good arguments but be prepared get your egos and beliefs battered like a bastard for a month.

So far the only results worth watching next week will be wherever those fucking hollow mouth-pieces for war and capitalism, those Blairite careerists and liberal centerists might get a bloodied nose. They'll feel it pretty bad if another Liberal or Tory stooge gets in, but it'll hurt like hell if someone offering what there party used to stand for, someone offering a different perspective gets in.

It's not going to happen in many places. The fight is by necessity a small one. But if one Respect candidate, or Green or anti-war independent makes a dent it might lose some prick their fat MPs cheque, make election night worth watching, and maybe be the start of something that means we don't have to live our lives moaning that 'nothing ever changes'.


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