Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Soon Your Sailing Will Be Over


It’s probably quite important that I start to write something. I’m trying to remember a Woody Allen quote: something about “there’s nothing more depressing than someone who has a lot to say but no means of saying it”.

From the outset, I’ll be clear. I have no confidence that anything that I say will be interesting. It normally comes in three waves – first that I’m brilliant and whatever it is will be enlightening and interesting. Second that I’m at best absolutely average or quite possibly a delusional, self-obsessed shyster and it’ll actually be worthless. And then, deep, deep down I can’t help but think that I’m actually quite interesting and if it’s rubbish then it’s because it’s the wrong subject or medium or time or whatever. It confuses me and makes me a little depressed. I’m sure you’ve had similar thoughts one-way or the other.

Still, maybe this’ll be the start of something.

Hopefully this isn’t indicative of the rest of this blog, as although it’s true, it’s all a terrible cliché so far.

So, I’m here mere minutes after the British Prime Minister called the next UK General Election; I’m going to try to be broader than just the UK but the next month will be pretty dominated by politics here, so it might get bogged down a bit.

Not really apologising as I haven’t got a clue where this will go but it’s nice to think someone might read it, and if British politics bores you in particular, bear with me.


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