Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It Was Gorgeous, George. Again.

If the idiotic nature of the American right needed highlighting anymore today has done it.

What in God's name did they think would be the outcome of letting Galloway take centre stage in front of them and the world? I defy anyone who thinks it was anything less than a fucking masterclass in political speaking.

It really is a joy to watch. Please have a look here.

And I tell you what, shame on supposed radicals like Dennis Skinner. Shouting 'Did she bring Camilla with her' in the Commons today as the Queen arrived isn't the funniest retort, would have been better if shouted while she was actually on her little chair and looks like the bullshit playschool politics that it is.

Especially when George is giving them both barrels in Washington.


Anonymous Pete Tong said...

Ball lover.

23/5/05 14:22  

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