Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Last Time I'll Say 'Bloodied Nose'

According to his count speech, Tony is obviously deeply humbled by the slashing of his parliamentary majority, the woeful 36% share of the vote and subsequently going to listen hard to the electorate who, although not in the most progressive way possible, did give him a 'bloodied nose'. So what is the first way he's showed this new sensitive side?

By re-appointing David Blunkett to the Cabinet.

Is the man having a fucking laugh? If anything goes to show that behind his 'must listen to the people' bullshit he's actually going to do exactly what he can get away with it's this. Blunkett was the winner of the 'I'll Outdo Michael Howard' award for right-wing nut-nuttiness in the last Parliament let alone the rest of it: we all might want to fuck a tory-boys slightly saucy wife, but we don't fall in love with them. Only right-wing nut-nuts do.

He's also clearly going round the bend.

And he's now in charge of pensions. One of the top five contentious issues of the next few years.


On the plus side I have discovered 'Old Redwood Finest Canadian Whisky'. Which is great for a number of reasons:

Tastes like Jack when mixed with a cool glass of CocaCola.
It's only 30% volume, so is really like a whisky-lite. Great for breakfast.
It's £6.49 for a 70cl bottle. A alco-bargain by any standard.

So everything's not that bad.


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