Sunday, May 15, 2005

Maybe If I Just Start...

...writing, something interesting will pop out. Probably not, but this weeks posts have been of dubious quality; interesting but easy links to stuff you've either read or have no interest in anyway. So here we are. A sunny Sunday afternoon spent reading mostly about Trotskyism on Wikipedia. Did read Tag Henderson's blog again (here), which was just as interesting second time around. Now just sat listening to The Specials version of 'Maggies Farm'. Listened to some Richard Pryor earlier which was also a jolly good thing.

Well, as we can see, stuff has popped out but certainly not anything interesting. Now, if I followed football I'd have had a great afternoon. Still, Top Gear starts again next Sunday so all will be well.

'Tis funny however, that the spell check on this thing not only thinks 'Trotskyism' should be 'tortoise' but doesn't recognise the word 'blog'. Brilliant.


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