Monday, May 16, 2005

Sith The Bed

Really, really, really. I don't care if this one's ok or not. Am I seriously meant to take this crap seriously?

They're doing a Pringles tie-in for christs sake. A tube of crisps becomes a light sabre.

Lucas and Speilberg killed proper film in the 70's and have been raping the corpse for money ever since. Uncle Tom swine. And yes, I do like Jaws and Schlinders List is very moving and the battle scenes in Private Ryan are terrifyingly exhilarating and Duel is great and Empire is dark and blah de blah, before you start your starting.

But I'd much rather have Dennis Hopper, Terry Southern, Bruce Dern, Hal Ashby, Robert Towne, Bob Rafelson, Sidney motherfucking Lumet and the rest of the risk takers, fuck ups, chancers and hit and missers any day of the week. And so would you.

If there was a God, I'd pray to God the CIA don't get Sean Penn. He's seemingly the only one.

And he knobbed Madonna.


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