Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sell, Sell, Sell

Trying to pull myself out of the quarterly realisation that I live entirely on borrowed money I've been trawling my usual liberal/left web hangouts to cheer myself up.

It hasn't worked.

Which of these statements isn't true?

1. Bob Dylan was offered $2.5 million last year to do a one-off greatest hits concert 'that sounded like the original songs'.
2. I've spent over £250 on dental treatment so far this month, on the NHS.
3. Steve Earle's call to arms 'The Revolution Starts... Now' is being used in a Chevy commercial.
4. There's a new condiment called 'Burn Baby Burn - Revolutionary Hot Sauce' being launched by the Black Panthers.
5. I'm never going to be worth shit.

Well folks, it's No.1 - Bobby wouldn't sell his soul like that. Er.
The Steve story is half-way down here, the Panthers here.

The rest is true but not linkable I'm afraid. I'm off to wipe my bleeding gums...


Anonymous A Deer said...

Oh dear oh dear.

21/7/05 09:51  
Anonymous The Magic Man said...

Bandit of the arse.

26/7/05 15:24  

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