Friday, September 02, 2005

No Grey Areas

If I had a pound for every white face in the footage of downtown New Orleans, you wouldn't be banking on getting a round out of me tonight. And if we don't include people in uniform, I ain't buying one for months.

What's happening down there is beyond a disgrace. And the utter arrogance and transparent indifference of the Federal Government is almost beyond belief.

And why? Well take a look at the faces of the thousands in the Superdome, on the rooftops and in the flooded streets. A sea of dispossessed, scared and dying black people. Most of the white folks fucked-off to the hills a week ago. And no one can blame them. But meanwhile those without money are left literally rotting as the revving of SUVs disappears in the distance.

And the administration, that across the world can do whatever it damn well likes, has left an entire community in it's own land to fend for itself in the very worst of conditions. It's like going back 200 years.

And now the fascination with the 'anarchy' of the situation and the shoot-to-kill troop deployment is starting to reek. An ugly bigotry that crops up everytime the most oppressed folk start to eat themselves alive under tremendous pressure.

And the hypocrisy of a government that can wage the most obscene destruction on one hand but can't get off their fat fucking backsides to save a community that gave birth to the cultural traditions that make what's most exciting and worthy about the United States.

United? I'm not seeing much unity from here.

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