Sunday, October 23, 2005

Cillit Bugger

Alright, it's now been a while and the strange guilt of not posting something lingers in the air like a dead rat. The smell of a dead rat. But as having something to write about is normally a prerequisite to actually writing something, I've been waiting around for something to hit me that isn't just about the Tory leadership race or any other currenty affairsyness.

Which is why a John Peel Day logo is the only update in weeks.

So once again I sit at the keyboard and hope that something actually happens if I just start writing. Which it hasn't. In fact it's only that I should be Cillit Banging the bathroom and doing the washing up that I'm sat here typing at all.

Which bodes well...


Blogger Jasper Goodballoon said...

Shit the moon! Man down! MAN DOWN!

24/10/05 12:52  

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