Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Oh Bugger. GG, BB & PR

In my limited experience and from my self-professed understanding of Public Relations I reckon I can spot a balls-up from about 5 miles.

So, an attempt to humanise yourself in front of the great British public and it's shameless press has great potential of fallflatonitsfaceability whoever you are.

And if you're a symbol, one way or the other, of opposition to a right fuck-up of a system that said public and press accept unquestionably, you're odds of success are even less.

So with this in mind Mark Oaten was foolish to stand as Lib Dem leader when there's a prossie and a tabloid chequebook knocking about.

But George beats Mark hands down at this particular task.

When the cherry on top of two weeks of cats, leotards and shadow boxing is a 20 minute interview with an alleged torturer and rapist your chances of public acceptance are bollocked.

Whatever the ins and outs (and there are ins and outs, regardless of the hypocritical, braying press) it's not looking too good for Galloway on the PR front. He's going to be back exactly where he was before going in the place, if not a lot worse off.

And there isn't really a punchline - although the Telegraph has just lost it's appeal against him so maybe he'll have the last laugh in the end.

Uday certainly didn't.


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