Tuesday, January 03, 2006

One More Down...

A slightly belated Happy New Year to anyone paddling out there in the Harbour.

I'm sure I should be full of cynical bile following the festive season, which is after all a load of bollocks of the highest order. But fairy tale 'religious' stories and Capitalist orgies aside I rather like the Christmas season.

Seeing my family, getting out of the city, being fed for free, watching The Two Ronnies and Fred Dibnah for days, receiving (and even in some cases giving) presents, spending HMV vouchers and the relief of getting back to the city. All topped off by a few drinks on New Years Eve.

And so, here I am back at the desk, trying to figure out a plan for 2006. So far I've been drunk once, tipsy twice, cried very briefly and been out of the house only to drive the car and get milk. I'm probably about £700 down since this time last month and I'm listening to The Best Of Joe Cocker. So nothing's really changed at all.

A few blog related resolutions however:

1. Don't end posts with 'Help me...'
2. Actually write more than a line and a photo every fortnight.
3. Do something real that's worth writing about.
4. Learn how to finish posts on a punchline...


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