Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sprouting Some Rubbish

The lack of any Rockford Files this Saturday leaves me plodding around the internet. And I ended up passing through a discussion on Rolling Stone magazine's poll of 'most influential thing ever' at the BBC.

Said poll was won by Dylan's 'Like A Rolling Stone' and the usual comments ensued, debating other possible 'songs that most changed the world'.

One particularly grabbed my attention. So hat's off to Mr Steve Todd of Brussels:

Millennium by Robbie Williams simply because it was 2000 and its title epitomised something new and dramatic was happening. I don't even know the lyrics just the title, simple and appropriate.

And how simple and appropriate it'd be if you had your hands chopped off.

Or at the very least your computer confiscated.

You fucking knobhead.


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