Monday, July 23, 2007

Fingers Crossed

From the Cropredy website:

Flooding is in the headlines. Western areas of the midlands have been badly affected, particularly the Severn Valley in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire and the Avon Valley in Warwickshire.

Cropredy is not in the worst affected area. However, it is in the valley of the River Cherwell and some of the fields used for the festival form part of the river's natural floodplain. Extremely heavy rainfall on Friday 20 July caused the Cherwell to overtop its banks. The flooding peaked on Saturday morning but by Sunday evening, the river was back in its banks and most of the floodwater on the fields had drained away. As the river level continues to fall, the fields will start to dry out.

Understandably, people who've seen photographs of the floods are asking how it will affect the festival. Don't panic! Most of the site (including the Concert Arena) is unaffected by flood water. And just because the low-lying fields beside the river are a bit squelchy at the moment doesn't mean they'll still be waterlogged in two weeks time. The land is free-draining and dries out quickly.

However, we are not complacent. We are monitoring the situation carefully and members of the team visit the site every day. Even if the weather remains wet, we have comprehensive and flexible contingency plans in place. Remember, the festival has been on the same site for well over twenty years and some of those summers have been very wet. So we've got lots of experience to draw on.

If the weather stays wet, we may have to use alternative fields for camping (as, indeed, we have done in previous years). You may be asked to be more frugal with camping spaces - for example, erecting a large gazebo beside your tent wastes space that could accommodate another pitch. We may also need to prevent unnecessary vehicle movements or ask you to take slightly longer routes round soft ground.

We are confident that the festival will be as successful as it has been in other wet summers. We may need brollies and wellies but we'll all enjoy three days of great music and that unique Cropredy vibe!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got my cock and arse hairs crossed.

Where the hell can I buy size 13 boots that don't make me look like a killer clown? Answers please.

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